A Famous Sport Brand - Nike Air Max

A Famous Sport Brand - Nike Air Max is a famous sports brand in the world. The shoes and clothes of Nike Air Max are extremely welcome by the young people all around the world in the hip-hop Culture. At the same time, Nike Air Max and Adidas are the representatives in hip-hop nike shoes online culture in the 1970s and 1980s. Nike Air Max has the first line of appeal and influence in the world. Nike Air Max accompanied Billy to enter the final of World Cup, it accompanied Tennis player Baker to win the champion in the Wimbledon grass. It always make coorperation with top athletes and continue to pursue the latest technology to produce the best sports equipment.In 1948, Nike Air Max was founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany by its founder of www.wemakestuff.us Rudolf Dassler. In 1986, Nike Air Max joined the Munich and Frankfurt stock exchanges. Now Nike Air Max has 3,200 employees, the products are exported to more than 80 countries, the company's assets in 2003 reached 1.2 billion euros. Nike Air Max have taken the key players in the sports world in recent decades. In  recent years, it combines with fashion and sports successfully, and becomes the favorite brands among the young people .

Nike Air Max coorperated with the UNDFTD to launch UNDFTD Nike Air Max Clyde Coverblock Series Sports shoes. This is the fourth co-operation between UNDFTD and Nike Air Max in 2011. The UNDFTD Nike Air Max Clyde Coverblock series are high-quality suede shoes, there are red, cheap jordans online black, green, gray four colors to choose from. The biggest bright spot of UNDFTD Nike Air Max Clyde Coverblock series sports shoes is its toe, white rubber toe make these Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes very unique. Nike Air Max introduced "The List" Suede Classic Italy Pack series sports shoes. The series take the classic Clyde as the prototype, they are designed by three Italian designers. They use the soft suede as the texture and add the flamboyant totem print which is similar with tattoo to the lace and inside of the shoes. 


The colorful tattoo totem on the sole is wonderful, it makes the Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes which have always been simple show a wild uninhibited alternative style. This low-key and beautiful design will www.goaholidayvilla.com always make people appreciate it.Mihara Yasuhiro is well known in Japan, because he has cooperation with Nike Air Max. In the spring and summer of 2009, he designed a new series for of Nike Air Max, this time he made the global warming as the design theme, and took the Nike Air Max classic soccer shoe MY-16 and MY-14 as the prototype. He used the nike shoes australia mesh, leather or canvas plus leather-based material, the bright colors also make them very attractive .





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