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The Brand History Of Air Jordan. Before the Air Jordan was born, all basketball shoes were white. We can see the all kinds great changes Michael Jordan brought to the basketball sports and sports shoes industry from the changes of colors. Since the Air Jordan series came on the scene, the basketball sport and basketball shoes industries have undergone tremendous changes. Brand Jordan is one of the Nike's product line, it is the brand of American star Michael Jordan. NIKE Jordan cheap nike free run launched the first pair of sneakers named after Jordan, they are the first section of the Air Jordan series: Air Jordan 1. Although the shoes owned special colors and novel technology at that time, no one had ever thought that Air Jordan was actually the beginning of a myth.

 Every year, there will be a new style of Air Since the series are launched in 1985, one grand activity will be held each year, and the new sports shoes launched at each time of have gotten the rising expectations from the media, industry and the consumers. Air Jordan continued to dominate the market on sale and demand, and make the standard of the whole sport shoes industry in design, innovation and performance rising by the introduction of new sports shoes every year. The core of the Air Jordan series is the perfect blend of athletes and high-tech, it means that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball superstar, he interpret his relentless pursuit the function, innovation and achievement by the sports shoes accompanied with his entire career.

 Now, Air Jordan writes the legend of innovative design and excellent performance base on the rich history of the Air Jordan series. Air Jordan was inspired by the sports greatest athletes in this sport,cheap nike shoes the brand will continue to lead and write the future of athletic footwear industry. Just the legend of Michael Jordan continuing and grow, the brand spirit of Air Jordan series will become immortal.

 It is not strange to see the celebrity wearing Air Jordan, it has been a long and glorious history tradition of Air Jordan. Since Spike Lee (the famous black American director) took the lead to offer exhibition space free of charge for the Air Jordan in his movie, now we can easier see the scene of celebrities wearing the Air Jordan everywhere inside and outside the screen. From Will Smith to Seinfeld, from John King Ralph Goodman to Fred Savage, cheap nike air max the celebrities who support the shoes in Jordan brand are from all field. And Nike Air Jordan Shoes are now loved by most of the customers.