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The Nike Air Force Ones Innovative Shoes For Innovative People。Before the Air Jordans?success, the Nike Air Force One is already making its mark in the sportswear sector. It is considered as Nike Cheap Nike Free Run best-selling shoes around the world. Named after the U.S. President official plane, the Air Force One shoes are the first sneakers to use the Nike Air technology. The technology is patented by Nike and envied by other shoe companies. The Air Jordans? popularity can also be attributed to the Air Force One. Without the Air Force Ones, the Air Jordans might not have been possibly conceived.

 The Nike Air Force One, created by Bruce Kilgore, was first released in 1982. It was discontinued a year after its release but was re-released in 1986. Initially, it was a hit among inner-city youths only. The sneakers?launch, however, coincided with a time the hip-hop movement has grown. It immediately penetrated the African-American Cheap Nike Shoes culture and then almost instantly became popular in the hip-hop fashion. Over time, Air Force One shoes made its niche both in the hip-hop and inner youth culture and became not only a sportswear but also a fashion wear.

 The sneakers are so comfortable to wear, apart from its fantastic design. The Nike Air technology made all the difference in the Air Force One. Its highly pressurized air trapped sole has been the shoes? most distinguishing feature. This gave perfect buoyancy to the foot when wearing the shoes. It is also this feature that customers have always wanted in an Air Force One pair of shoes. This technology has been a wonder to many companies and it kept them salivating for many years to know and imitate it.

 Originally, the Air Force One shoes were designed for basketball players. The sneakers later became popular in streetball plays and the hip-hop fashion up to becoming the shoes that can be worn by anyone, anywhere and anytime. The shoes are sold in three types; the low-cut, the mids and the high-tops. It also comes in various colors, textures, patterns and forms. The all white and all black pairs are the most common and most popular versions of the Nike Air Force Ones.

 Several artists and celebrities have already endorsed the Air Force One shoes.Cheap Nike Air Max  Among them were Snoop Dogg, the Game, and 2pac. A collaborative song was also done by rappers Nelly and the St. Lunatics in 2002 for the shoes. NBA superstar Charles Barkley was the first African-American to endorse the shoes. After him, came other NBA stars to endorse and wear the shoes such as Lebron James, Rasheed Wallace, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Chris Paul and Pual Pierce, among others.

 Today, there are some stores that offer customized Air Force One shoes to follow the buyers?choice of color. Due to its immense popularity, the Air Force One is the most imitated sports shoes in the world today. The shoes can be bought from every clothing store, whether online or at shops. It is never difficult to find a pair of Nike Air Force One Shoes. 

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