Preparing For Summer Hail Storms

During such hot and humid weather, hail storm damage to your roof is one of your last concerns. Sunny skies and warm temperatures are so far away from the frigid snow packed roofs of January Cheap Nike Free Run Sale or We hardly expect to experience storm damage to our roof during the summer months. However, those same conditions that bring us tropical storms and thunderstorms during the summer can lead to devastating hail storms in the Charlotte area.

 Summer storms are common
 This region is known for frequent thunderstorms, hail storms, heavy winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes during the months from May to November. The National Weather Service reports that there are more than 10,000 severe storms in the U.S. every summer.

 The force of these summer storms can wreak havoc on exterior siding and especially roofs. In addition to hailstones, roofs are damaged by fallen trees or wind-swept debris. The majority of