Men also used Jewelry to develop your temperament

Popular in the modern era silver, gold bracelets is no longer unique to women, especially in the fashion men. I appropriate adornments that
Cheap Air Max 90 Sale all people can show the charm and a small silver ring can achieve such results.

 Compared with women, men would pay more attention to his temperament. Such as the temper of life, the cause of struggle, love effort. Cheap Air Max 90 Australia All very important men. In the mud and dirt road, you need to have faith, I believe, a small silver jewelry, silver rings, will bring a unique spirit of the you. Many may know can make you look silver it more beautiful, but how many know that the health effects on our health?

 In the following I will introduce you to silver turquoise jewelry, and other areas:
 A silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect on human health. It not only has economic value, is beautiful, but also as a disinfection tool. The ancients said, the body can always be associated with silver, health and wealth in your side you. That is why it is not only precious metal. In medicine, it has a higher BC than gold. In the efficiency of human health, the ancients know that silver can accelerate wound healing, infection control, purify water, prevent tooth decay and keep food and fresh fruit.Cheap Air Max TN Sale  It can also prevent bacterial growth, enhance the expression of stable visceral fear of the evil to prevent and eliminate antibiotics only kill bacteria influences. General 6, the average, but the silver will kill 650 kinds of bacteria.

 2 silver can detect food is toxic, if not, because the silver will produce many toxic chemical reaction, you can easily see that silver will become black. So tend to make into a silver tool to detect toxic substances.

 3 in all metals, silver charm bracelet is the most excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly send out the heat of blood vessels. Assuming the thermal conductivity of silver is 100, 53 gold, iron 11.6, platinum 8.2.This intense heat thermal conductivity decreases rapidly with the number of blood vessels and the significant effect of various diseases.

 4 Silver can be toxic, and this is the reason, it became black. This color only the surface of the reaction. You can remove it or drugs toothpaste.

 Therefore, the importance of silver to human health should not be overlooked.

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