I Only spent $100 to keep 1:1 perfect Nike replicas!

Today I am gonna share with you some online shopping experience for Perfect Nike shoes. Nike is the most famous sports brans all around the world. Nike got into the world-famous sports brand only through the decaded because of these key points. Nike communicates with consumers actively and absorbs the origin ideas of people. There are many brands on the market, but Nike is really a brand, which can be relied on. However I love Nike so much, But The price keeps me watch only. I don't want to spend hundres dolloar just to get one pair of shoes. So, I find some good websites that will help me. We have too many choices in footwear, and that's makes making the right choice a difficult task. When you buying a pair of shoes, You need to consider the style factor a long with the comfort factor. The shoes thatjk you wear need to be comfortable yet there should not be any compromise on style as well.


Air Jordan Retro 6 Turbo Green


Itried to buy one pair of Nike replicas from website www.kicksgrid.net  , Which cost me $98.98. And guess what. It's leather cover, and no visible differnece. I like it so much. Here I am gonna give you their website link, www.kicksgrid.net/Authentic-Air-Jordan-6-Retro-Carmine-W-p34630.html. There might be some other more amazing website, But I only love this one. Not only because I love their products, but also I love their service, especially integrity. I used to buy from them many times, As a loyalty cunstomer, They promised me give me gifts and coupon, And they never lie. The most point I love is they can offer you free ship option only if you buy over 6 items. They ship to US with EMS, It's little slow, Usually take 7-9 days to get. Little annoying about it. But they always help me to get the order.

Here I am gonna introduce you why the www.kicksgrid.net  is your best choice to buy perfect replicas.

1. Good and clean website design
   I felt very comfortable with their site design. They use good color for every page.And also they offer online live chat on the right of page.


Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine

2. Most of their products are really perfect
   Why would I say most of their products, Because I did not buy them all. I can only tell you, Most of products in my order are perfect. I wear them when I jogging every morning, It's comfortable and you don't even feel you wear fake shoes. I think chinese people are really smart, They just need to buy one original products, and they can make the some things. That's amazing. I don't care it's replicas or not, All I care about is if comfortable or not.

3. Good service from Sophie and Maria
   Every time I asked them questions, They always give the correct and satisfied answer with patience. They will contact you after you make an order, and process it and sent it and also they will tracking the order all time, and they always give you your order new update every time. It's very sweet service. Sometimes, I think it's not only buy products from them, I like to do business with them. It feel comfortable than many other shop. 


Nike Lebron 12 Elite

4. More discount, More coupons, More gifts
   After I become their loyal customer, I usually pay my order through Western Union, And they always give me discount, and gifts. Also they give you some coupons only if you subscribing them on Youtube or make video for them. That save me a lot of money.

Although I love them so much, I wish if they could offer E-mail marketing would be better.So I can know their new products all the time. :)
Writeen by Jeff buckly

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